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Re: Where to buy centering/nub motherboard standoffs

Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:44 pm

Convert wrote:
I'm interested in the "special" self-centering ones that you find with some cases. They have a small collet around the top where you thread your screw in that is about the same thickness of the motherboard so it "locks" in place. Though I will settle for the "nub" version that protrudes out of the motherboard hole and has no thread option.

If you've found the other forum threads, then you may have found the other suggestions, which seem like your best shot: Take some of the conventional standoffs you already have, screw in a threaded rod with a bit of epoxy so it won't back out later, then cut off the rod at the desired "nub" length and file down the threads and edges. This will go faster if the threaded rod is brass. If you use both a brass standoff and brass threaded rod, you can bond them with solder rather than epoxy.

Or, rather than filing down the threads, you can leave them, and secure the standoff from the top side using a nylon cap nut. Same installation benefit as the nub, but with the security of a screw.
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Re: Where to buy centering/nub motherboard standoffs

Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:04 pm

I do appreciate the suggestions on making something "work". This isn't a do or die situation where I have to have something, so I will probably lean towards not MacGyvering something for several reasons. One it would take more time than I'd like to invest in creating something. Secondly I want something that looks original.

For me, the time spent manufacturing something as simple as a cut down rod glued in place I could probably just buy entire packs of spare screws for cases that have the single standoff included and come out ahead.

At this point I've definitely spent far too much time looking for something that will work. The problem is it should have been easy. It's a mass produced part for pennies and now I just want to know what the dang thing is called and where to buy them out of principle alone.
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