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Juno P6 Tower... Opinions

Thu Jul 11, 2002 7:56 pm

Okay, this new computer being my first exploration of self-built pc's, I decided to make a dually :-)

Oh, and then I decided that it would be water-cooled when I get the dough together after buying it...

Dually means lotsa power needed, around 450 was my target... then I came across this case, the Juno P6 Full Tower (Twin PSU)... sorry I couldn't get a better link, about 3/4 the way down...

It's got dual 300W PSUs, one for the mobo, one for everything else...

What I want to know... Is it any good...

Oh, and the link is: ... es_35.html

Comments and maybe alternatives? (Nudge Austin Nudge Austin wink wink Austin cough Austin cough... or anyone else in England :-)),
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