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Power Supply Failing?

Sat May 22, 2010 10:28 pm

I am not sure if it is a definite problem with the power supply that I am experiencing right now. I just did a complete reinstall of Windows 7 and the only driver that was installed was for the video card. I left my computer for a bit while leaving it to install the software driver, came back after 15 mins or so to find that the monitor, keyboard and mouse were not responsive. On the monitor it was just a black screen, the LED on the on/off switch was orange indicating that there is no signal to the monitor, the LED on the keyboard was off, and moving the mouse did nothing. The computer itself was still on, all fans powered as well as the power supply. The only thing I could do was to press on the reset button. It rebooted without any problems, just asking me to start Windows normally...

I also have to mention that earlier in the day, I had a bsod while playing Fallout 3 and the computer froze a few times. This led me to formatting the computer since I thought it may be something wrong with the drivers. Guess I was wrong on that. Also, on some occasions when I did a hard reset, the computer would not start up completely. For example the monitor would not power on (orange LED on) and the system sounds like it's going in a loop like the DVD drive makes this sound that it keeps trying to power up. But all the fans are spinning.
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Re: Power Supply Failing?

Sat May 22, 2010 10:34 pm

Take out the video card and re-seat it.

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