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Re: Best mATX case as of February 2013

Fri May 30, 2014 7:51 am

Arvald wrote:
kuzzia wrote:
You can add these.

Silverstone Sugo SG09/SG10
Fractal Design Define Mini

I've used the Silverstone Sugo's in past... the major issue with them was once stuff started getting installed the space was tight (no flip out cages or other conveniences) but you get what you pay for and they tended to be on the cheaper end of costs.

I really like Silverstone's Sugo line (I have a modded SG02 myself) and I personally consider it the baseline for good mATX cases. Maybe I'm too much of a stickler about it, but I pretty much ignore mATX cases that are appreciably larger than the Sugo cases while only offering the same features.
Gerbil XP
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Re: Best mATX case as of February 2013

Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:42 am

Fresh out of Computex 2014 and we have this neat looking Phanteks Evolv:

It's a little big. Pretty much the same height and width as the 350D while shaving off an inch from the length, however I think it has cooler features that make it the nicer case. The one I find most intriguing (and controversial for some) is the external 5.25" is located at the back of the case. Phanteks is also releasing a Enthoo Mini XL which is humongous but could be cool for some, I guess. It can house a mATX and a mini-ITX motherboard simultaneously which is kind of neat:

I also saw this pretty generic looking BitFenix Aegis: ... tower.html

Can't really tell much from the pictures but so far I can see that there aren't any external 5.25" drives (unless they're in the back like the Evolv :P).

Lastly there's this ugly guy: ... tions.html
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Re: Best mATX case as of February 2013

Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:56 am

Looks to be some new cases at Computex. Nothing really seems to call out to me though.
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