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PSA: APC AP7750 firmware update (not network card)

Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:31 pm

Updating the network management card firmware on the APC AP7750 ATS (automatic transfer switch) is easy enough. ... b=software

Download it, read the instructions, you're good to go. Updated just fine for me on Win7 x64 via TCP/IP and their utility, not manually via ftp or tftp or serial console or any of that junk.

What I always forget about is updating the switch firmware itself. I got a unit in recently that had firmware 1.7.17 from 2003. I know the latest (last) released version is 1.10. You can contact APC's technical support to get this firmware as it is not publically posted but they will provided it upon request. Decent of them as it's a discontinued product.

Ok, you need a straight-through serial cable to connect to the console. It is APC part 940-1000 but nothing special about it, just a straight-through serial cable. These instructions are using Hyperterminal on Win7 x64.

1. Connect APC serial cable 940-1000B to the Automatic Transfer Switch serial port and to the serial port on the local computer.
2. Run a terminal program (such as Windows HyperTerminal) and configure the selected port for 19200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control, and save the changes.
3. Hit ENTER a few times until a login appears; default login is apc/apc
4. Select: 10 - System Admin
5. Select: 4 - Firmware Download
6. Select: 1 - Start Firmware Download
7. You'll get something like this:

Application Firmware Download - Start

8. At this point, in the top menu select Transfer, Send File, and select the file. Use the XMODEM protocol (not the 1K one, just good ol' XMODEM)
9. It will take a little bit to kick off, but that blazing 19.2Kbps will transfer that 56K file in no time! (takes a while, speed maxxed at about 10Kbps)
10. When it is done, you will see:

Application Firmware Download - Complete

11. The switch will cycle itself and the firmware will be implemented. I mean, it clicks and it's like a split second. Hit ENTER and you'll be taken to a login screen again.
12. Log in via the console and select "8 - Factory Data" and check the firmware version there.
13. I did notice that going in via the web interface it instantly updated the firmware as well.

I wrote this PSA since I will probably buy more of these in the future and don't want to wait on hold for tech support to refresh my memory on this. The firmware isn't posted and the instructions aren't found anywhere in the documentation (just the stuff for the network management card firmware) because support is afraid people will brick their devices and would rather not encourage that. At least, that's what I was told a year ago when I first got the firmware sent to me.t. At least, that's what I was told a year ago when I first got the firmware sent to me.

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