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Re: Question about individual core performance

Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:10 pm

DPete27 wrote:
mattshwink wrote:
Motherboard: ASUS H87M-E: $86

PARTY FOUL... H87 cannot OC a K-series CPU.

Furthermore, why such a HUGE case ($150 nonetheless) and a $20 (after MIR) PSU to power a $2000 tower.....not a good choice (not to mention you should probably have a 550W PSU for that config.

Bottom line, a $1500 tower is the sweet spot (just not laid out the way mattshwink suggested). Any higher and the law of diminishing returns kicks in hard. I would say best price range for smooth 1080p performance would be closer to $1100. Speaking of which, I'm very happy with my 24" Asus IPS monitor for $150. (was on 48-hour sale earlier this week for $135)

My bad...corrected the motherboard. Watching too much basketball and typed the opposite of what I was thinking.

As for the's huge. There are lots of cases that will work for this, as there are no special needs (other than he seems to want to overclock, and either needs to be able to fit a radiator or a tall tower cooler).

And no need for a 550W PSU. I think about 390W will cover it (and that is pushing it). The initial PSU was fine...except I did forget that the 770 requires two six pin PCI-e connectors. So that is corrected above as well :)

I would completely agree that this build is overkill for running a game from 2006. As was stated above (by myself and others) that even an i3 would run this game just fine, for a lot less. But the OPs stated goal to my question on what was really important was that he wanted to chase the extra FPS. It's not what I would build for myself, but it does give him the chance to overclock (once the motherboard was fixed) and maximum single-threaded performance for his budget. That is what he wants. With this build, he would absolutely be chasing those few extra FPS of performance with a lot of dollars. He said he wanted to maximum quality and performance.
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Re: Question about individual core performance

Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:09 pm

I guess the counterintuitive solution would be to get a gsync monitor. Supposedly it makes lowers frame rates more playable. Lots of articles online about it. Not too many actual products yet, though.

Unlocked current intel CPU is the best, atm, but only the most expensive quad cores are unlocked.

There are rumors of an unlocked dual core processor from intel. Anniversary edition of the pentium...

If you happen to live near a microcenter, you can get quad core intros for much less than normal, though.
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Re: Question about individual core performance

Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:38 am

mattshwink wrote:
no need for a 550W PSU. I think about 390W will cover it (and that is pushing it).

TR's similar system using a GTX 770 pulls 280W while gaming at stock speeds. (I think a GTX 770 is more than the OP really needs.)
1) General rule of thumb is that all PSUs are most efficient around 50% load. That's a 560W PSU needed for stock speeds (voltages). The PSU calculator I linked earlier backs that up.
2) For someone recommending a H100i water cooler for overclocking, wouldn't you think a system OC'd that far might require more juice?
3) Here's a couple quality 550W 80 Plus Gold PSUs that won't break the bank.
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