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X264vsH264-1700 Ryzen OC results...

Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:55 am

Ok, used the BatchTool to run 5 identical 5 minute dvd mpg segments
thourgh VideoReDo 746 Pro's X264.mp4 Default profile.

EDIT... used AMD's "Ryzen Master" software for the overclocking.

The Batch seems to give real "stairstep" fps. Looks like it divides by whole second
intervals so out of 5 results I may get 2@ 375fps and 3@ 391fps.
3200 -------375
3300 -------375
3400 -------375
3500 -------2@375, 3@391
3600 -------391 ----------------1.2v.-------- 50c
3700 -------391 ----------------1.2v.-------- 51c
3800 Crash --------------------1.2v
3800 -------409 ---+.05v------1.25v --------54c
3900 Crash --------------------1.25v
3900 --------428 ---+.05v-----1.3v----------56c
4000 Crash --------+.05v-----1.35v (my limit)

AMD says past 1.35v to AMD's limit 1.45v the chip lifespan will drop.

With "H.264" not X264 the Ryzen had to reach 3900 to equal my 3930K 6 core @4300. Both 225 fps.

With X264 the 6 core got 301 fps compared to the Ryzen 428 fps-42% Faster! Nice!
The Ryzen overclocking gained roughly14% fps (roughly due to 1second limit in fps calculation)

Bit sad about the H264 core limits. 6 years later, +2 cores and overclocked to equal my old 6 core.
Guess I had it better then I thought.

Really surprised with the low temps. I only have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO heatsink.
Midrange heatsink but well rated in reviews.

Oh, yes, if you have the AMD W10 power profile it will set the cpu MINIMUM setting @ 90% active.
Was not having any of that. Reduced it and my cpu is back to 1500 instead of maybe 3500 @ idle.

Now I just have try to get my highspeed ram up to it's actual highspeed of 3200 instead of it's now 2400 speed.
And that will probably means flashing the BIOS. ick,ick,ick.


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