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"For the Athlon it seems like the KT266A is still the most desirable chipset and although the nForce definitely has its own niche, VIA shouldn't be too worried about it cannibalizing their Athlon chipset sales; not yet at least. The next wave of Athlon chipsets will bring about DDR333 support however unless the Athlon gets a boost in FSB frequency, something that isn't on any AMD roadmaps we've seen, you shouldn't expect to gain any performance improvement from DDR333."

I've read similar comments a couple different places. It suggests to me that the buss for the CPU would stay at 266 while only the memory would be at 333. How else would I not see a performance boost?

I guess another possible interpretation is that without technically overclocking the chip it won't see a performance boost. That is buying a 133Mhz FSB chip wouldn't allow a 333 memory speed unless it is unlocked which I suppose voids the warrenty.

Someone, just confirm that "no, they don't run asyncronously" and I will be fine. I will forget trying to under stand statements like referenced above.
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At least the ALi MAGiK 1 rev C1 runs the FSB and memory <em>synchronously</em>, both at 166 MHz (or 200 MHz, provided you can find memory that can run that fast) with AGP and PCI buses in spec. Of course, there's currently no such thing as a 166 MHz DDR FSB Athlon. Palomino will likely not be released with a 166 MHz DDR FSB, and the rumor mill reports that Thoroughbred won't, either.

However, there's nothing preventing one from overclocking the CPU with a 166 MHz system bus, perhaps dropping the multipler (and despite recent articles here, it isn't that hard to unlock a Palomino CPU in organic packaging, with tape, some whiteout and a pencil).

The Athlon MP 1 GHz, Athlon XP 1500+ (1333 MHz) and XP 2000+ (1666 MHz) will run at specified speeds if the FSB is raised from 133 MHz to 166 MHz, and multipliers are dropped. Others will not have an exact match, and run at slightly higher or slightly lower (±33 MHz) speed if the multiplier is dropped.

Of course, considering the demography of the people visiting this place, the multipliers won't drop much. :wink:

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