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Tue Jan 22, 2002 3:32 pm

How big of a performance difference is there between an Athlon 1600 MP and an 1800 MP? Would it be that big a difference to make a dual system with 1800s worth the price difference of one with 1600s?
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Tue Jan 22, 2002 6:56 pm

ANApex: not really. I always buy at least one speed grade back from the top, it saves major $$$$.
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Fri Jan 25, 2002 10:24 am

Agree with above, the difference is there but you probably would never notice it unless running benchmarks.
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Fri Jan 25, 2002 7:14 pm

I wouldn't even buy MP's. You could get two of the fastest XP's and save some major moolah.

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