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Re: IVB TIM on Retail CPUs?

Mon May 07, 2012 2:12 pm

integer wrote:
Upgrading from the i7-2600k or is this an entirely new build?
I would expect the Core i5-3570K and the Core i7-2600K to provide similar performance in most of my applications. They're both quad-core processors with 3.4 GHz base clock and 3.8 GHz "turbo" clock. The i7 has hyperthreading that the i5 lacks.

I'm upgrading the Llano (with integrated Radeon HD6550D IGP) in my living room PC to Ivy Bridge + Radeon HD7770. The F1A75-M Pro + A8-3850 (2.9 GHz quad-core) + 4x4 GiB PC3-12800 will be a mother's day gift. They'll replace Mom's MSI-7125 K8N Neo4 Platinum (NForce4 Ultra chipset) + Opteron 175 (2.2 GHz dual-core) + 4x1 GiB PC3200 (DDR400) socket-939 system that apparently just succumbed to the Chinese capacitor blight last week. She'll continue to use an existing Radeon HD4870-1GB to drive an UltraSharp 2000FP.

I had hoped to postpone this upgrade until AMD's Trinity arrived to replace my Llano system, but I found out Thursday afternoon that the old socket-939 motherboard had quit working, so I placed orders with Newegg and Amazon when I got home that evening.

On-topic: I do not plan to disassemble the Core i5-3570K's heat spreader. I may overclock it just for giggles when I first get it up and running, but most of the time it will be very lightly loaded working as a DVR with only occasional big-screen gaming at 1080p. I may start out with the stock heatsink just until I can figure out which aftermarket cooler will best fit into the Antec NSK2480 case that arrived from Amazon today.
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