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Cortex A5 used inside AMD APUs?

Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:51 pm

Hey, Gerbils, just thought I'd share this. I was just doing a bit of research on the ARM Cortex A5 and I came across this Wikipedia article which mentions the AMD 2013 APU lineup as a device that incorporates the Cortex A5. I've always wondered what CPU core AMD is using as their Power Control Unit (in Intel speak), and it may indeed be the A5. So I guess AMD was inspired by ARM's monikers when it decided to use the Ax branding on its APUs.

Edit - Ok, here's another S|A article. It states that the A5 will be used as a security co-processor but I'm quite confident it's not just for that. I would also think that AMD is using the A5 for the FX lineup as well. Using something else just doesn't make sense especially if it's gonna be tasked with the same mission.

Ok, this is old news, it seems. Just haven't seen this news bit here on TR so I guess not everyone knows about it, not that everyone needs to know about it, of course.
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