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Java -> .Net Problems

Mon Apr 05, 2004 11:28 pm

My friend and I are working on a program. He created a quick GUI (nothing really special) in Java. However our "team leader" said that it needed to run under .Net. So we decided to just start a new project in .Net (using are Java code). Problem is we're getting compiler errors when compiling with .Net. The problems seem to be with J#. Because our code works with a normal Java compiler (following Sun standards). Below are the errors that we get:

C:\Documents and Settings\Destroyer\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Project3\HidePanels.jsl(21): Cannot find class 'RadioButton'

C:\Documents and Settings\Destroyer\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Project3\HidePanels.jsl(12): Cannot find class 'ButtonGroup'

Download code: Click here

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