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MSSQL Reporting Server

Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:20 pm

Does anyone have experience with MSSQL Reporting Server?

One of our larger clients has an order from on high that MSRS is now the only reporting tool to be used. So our bespoke ASP.NET application has to shift from Crystal Report to MSRS. Converting the reports is fine, but the lack of functionality seems to be glaring.

It seems that MS figured that the developer would never want to print directly in the application (i.e. they only support going to screen and the user printing). The App has an End of Day process that prints ~40 reports all of which must legally be printed as a hard copy. I've seen the hack that exports the EMF and then stream it to the printer and we could also export to PDF and then print, but it all seems so clunky. Is there a better way?

What about version control? Now that the reports are hosted inside MSSQL instead of our application whats the best method to ensure that updated have been correctly applied? We used to ship an MSI to the 30+ sites that the user could run. It would update the database and website and everything is done. Any ideas on how to automate the update of reports on MSSQL. The users aren't trained and don't have sufficient security to access the servers anyway. We the OEM can't do it since for security reasons we aren't granted access and don't really know what their setup is. Also the sites go silent for periods of time days, weeks, sometimes months with no communication depending on the mission.
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