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Breathed new life into a 2009 dell Inspiron 400/HD Zino's

Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:26 am

yesterday I had nothing to do since my sciatica is killing my back and down my whole right leg through my shin to my suuuuucks. Going to chiropractor tomorrow and praying he gets me lined back up.

So I had 2 Inspiron 400 or dell Zino HDs that we're giving me problems since they have am2 1.5ghz 3250e CPUS in them with 4 gb of ddr400 memory and a killer laptop MXM HD 4330. 512 mb ddr3 video card. I replaced them both with Sandy bridge i3 2120 3.3 ghz dual core systems with a HD 7750 in one and a LP HD 6570 in the other and they have been fantastic light gaming/HTPCS.

Anyway I found both HD Zino'yesterday so I disassembled them removing the 250gb WD blue HDD's and am using one in my gaming tower because I can the other is back in the best Zino I had after I formatted it. I also have a good 60gb corsair force SSD to use as its boot drive but there is no room inside the tiny box. Plus the slim optical drive cable is different then the HDD power and data cables .since I have 2 HDD Zino cables but only one HDD power connector that is dell specific I spliced in the power wires so I could install the SSD as a OS drive. Luckily the slim optical drive is the same thickness pretty much as my SSD so I removed the slim drive,modified the HDD tray that the optical drive sits on and put my SSD there.
I used a xbox360 sub Hd-DVD USB optical drive to install the OS on the SSD and to my amazement it boots faster then any of my systems and is very very snappy.since it is not a fast SSD I was not expecting it to out out my 2600k rig that has a slightly better 128gb SSD.
I finished last night but the update process is grueling since I think I am up to 400 updates that take hours the do then reboot an do more updates fun fun fun:)

I have not really tested it yet but from its quick booting and very snappy response to anything I click even though the cpu is over 60% usage most of the time it is still fast and will make a fine surfing PC and Htps streamer.

Will update on how it works once all updates are done how well it plays 20gb mkvs.
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Re: Breathed new life into a 2009 dell Inspiron 400/HD Zino'

Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:50 pm

This sounds like a neat adventure. Thx for sharing.

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