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Shuttle ST62K

Tue Jun 01, 2004 7:45 am

I bought a ST62K that would not boot.
Eventually got it replaced, using a Prescott 2.8 and Geil DDR4000, as listed on Shuttles WEB site, that supposed to be compatible.
But found it hangs and resets itself. Had it running at 1.4GHz for an hour and managed to install WindowsXP. But cant do anything, just resets itself.
I suspected the memory - tested the DIMMs in another PC (900MHz Athlon) they pass the Memetest86 Diags.
Anyone know if the Prescott is actually compatible, have EMAILed Shuttle several days ago, but still no response.
Saw something on the Geil WEB Site about increasing DIMM voltage to 2.7 or 2.8 volt. But the Shuttle does not give that option.
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Tue Jun 01, 2004 10:20 am

I see you ran memtest on another pc, but not the shuttle. You might want to create a memtest boot cd and run the test on the shuttle. I had a similar issue with my SN85G4 Athlon64 box and a pair of Mushkin CAS2 memory. It turned out the SPD settings that were being picked up via the BIOS set the memory latency incorrectly. Once I manually set them did my memtest errors go away. I was experiencing random reboots and not being able to resume from sleep mode before fixing the memory settings.

Also, not sure about the model you have, but mine does have the ability to set the memory voltage all the way to 2.9v. You might want to check if you are running the latest system BIOS for your machine.



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