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Goin to buy a SFF in the next few weeks need advice

Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:24 am

Ok as the topic says i plan on buying a SFF based station within the next couple of weeks, or, to be more precise, as soon as my graduate overdraft is sorted :P

The spec im considering is

Athon M 2400+ (selected over a barton cos it'll run quieter / consume less power and will hopefully overclock )

2*512mb ram (value range of someone like GeLl or Corsair - probably GeLl cos they come with heatsinks on)

40-80gb hd (dont need that much storage since all my servers have big hd's)

9800 pro (dont want top of the range gfx for this rig - my 939 rig will have that :P )

And of course the SFF itself.

Now my questions are:

What SFF is the best for a rig such as the one spec'd above. Considering i will b playing games on it, will probably overclock the cpu (aslong as it doesnt become unbearably loud) and i will probably be using the onboard sound / network.

One concern i have is that some SFF's seem to rape CPU once u use their onboard sound. Another concern is the scandle regards to who is selling legit 9800 pro's.

Finally, is 1gb ram unnneccessary for such a spec?

Its no use giving me US prices since ill b buyin from a UK website but any guidance wud b much appreciated. My budget will be around the £500 mark.

Anyhelp, as always, is much appreciated. Including any links to recommended components and reviews
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Thu Jun 24, 2004 9:17 am

I've had an AMS E-cube and a Shuttle XPC.

AMS is good, but I like the XPC setup much better.

As for you 9800 pro, That isn't exactly a cheap card. Go with the 9600 pro or XT you'll save money and spend it later on the 939 rig.
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Thu Jun 24, 2004 10:19 am

Ive used three Shuttle cubes at various times at home and currently using one here at work now. They have all worked great with no problems. The only warning or thing that might come out of it is if the PSU supply fails they are rather "special" and might have to wait a day or two to get one if your in an out of the way location, otherwise a buddy of mine wired his cube up to an ATX PSU to get him by.. (what a bloody mess that was) Well besides that I can honestly say thumbs up to Shuttle SB61G2!
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