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Receiver Sound Setting Question

Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:12 pm

So, this is the page for the sound-options that I can cycle through on my Sony HTSS360 receiver. I'm not sure what all this means. What I'd like to do is have my speakers maintain true audio channels/signals for things that would provide them (blu-ray, computer), but have the receiver re-sample to 5.1 when there's only a stereo (2-channel) source.

Am I right that the system will know when a source is providing accurate 5.1/7.1 sound and then not re-sample (i.e. with pro-logic or whatever) - basically, it would configure it to what it's supposed to be? However, a lot of TV is just 2 channels... so I'd want it re-sampled to subwoofer and all the speakers. From what I've tested so far, it seems like A.F.D. MULTI is the best setting for TV. Does this make sense? What can you decipher?

A.F.D. mode 2CH Stereo

[2CH ST]
When multi channel surround formats are input, the signals are downmixed to 2 channel.

[A.F.D. STD]
Presents the sound as it was recorded/encoded without adding any surround effects. However, this receiver will generate a low frequency signal for output to the subwoofer when there is no LFE signals.

Reproduce sound from any of the format to 2 or more speakers.

Performs Dolby Pro Logic decoding. The source recorded in 2 channel format is decoded into 4.1 channels.

Performs Dolby Pro Logic II Movie mode decoding. This setting is ideal for movies encoded in Dolby Surround. In addition, this mode can reproduce sound in 5.1 channel for watching videos of overdubbed or old movies.

Performs Dolby Pro Logic II Music mode decoding. This setting is ideal for normal stereo sources such as CDs.


[MV-D.C.S.] - MOVIE-D.C.S.- *
The system reproduces the sound characteristics of the Sony Pictures Entertainment “Cary Grant Theater” cinema production studio. This is a standard mode, great for watching almost any type of movie.

Reproduces the feeling of sports broadcasting.
The systems provided the clearer sound for the voice program such as news.

Reproduces a clear enhanced sound image from your portable audio device. This mode is ideal for MP3 and other compressed music.

• The effects provided by the virtual speakers may cause increased noise in the playback signal.
•When listening with sound fields that employ the virtual speakers, you will not be able to hear any sound coming directly from the surround speakers.
• This function does not work when: – signals with a sampling frequency of more than 48 kHz is input. – the multi channel Linear PCM signals are received via an HDMI IN jack.
• The sound is not output from multiple speakers depending on the source.
• Depending on the disc or source, when you select “AUTO”, the beginning of the sound may be cut off as the optimum mode is automatically selected. To avoid cutting the sound, select “A.F.D. STD.”.
•When the input signal is multi channel source, Dolby Pro Logic II MOVIE/MUSIC are canceled and the multi channel source is output directly.
•When the bilingual broadcast sound is input, Dolby Pro Logic II MOVIE/MUSIC are not effective.
•Multi channel Linear PCM is not available for “P. AUDIO.”
• Depending on the input stream, the decoding mode may not be effective.
•When you select “MV-D.C.S.-” depending on the input stream, Dolby Pro Logic may be applied automatically.

You can identify the encoding format of DVD software, etc., by looking at the logo on the package.
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Re: Receiver Sound Setting Question

Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:16 pm

"AFD Mult" seems to be a Sony-specific thing, so I can't comment it. The short description makes it sound as if it'll upmix 2-channel signals, but I can't imagine what it'll do, for example, to a DTS or Dolby Digital signal. You can try it out easily though, put a movie in, select DTS, and see if the voices come from the center speaker, soundtrack from L/R, etc. Then put in a music CD and see what happens.

Apart from that:

- In standard situations when you want to pull 2-channel audio up to 5.1, you would use Dolby ProLogic II, or in your specific case, the "[PLII MS] - PRO LOGIC II MUSIC" mode.
- When watching multichannel audio I'd put it in the "MV-D.C.S." mode, which seems to imply that it'll automatically do DTS/Dolby decoding.

That's my reading anyway, I know a lot about the formats but I'm not that experienced with messing with the receivers themselves.
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