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X-Fi Titanium vs. Xonar DX: FIGHT!

Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:47 pm

I mentioned on the front page in a comment that I've had to give up my sound card because my new video card is now suffocating with the PCI X-Fi Xtreme Gamer in the way. I'm really quite bummed about this because the ASIO performance of the X-Fi is excellent for the price (the hardware reports 4.7ms latency to Sonar, for a bi-directional 9.4ms latency - good enough to record with).

So I'm looking to replace it with a PCI-e x1 card. I have an empty PCI-e x1 slot right above the video card which in no way interferes with the cooler so I should be OK there. I've only really got two choices: Creative Labs or ASUS. In the sub-$100 range I have the $85 (on sale at Best Buy) X-Fi Titanium which is the same card I have only with a PCI-e connection and the $90 (Newegg and local reseller) Xonar DX.

Knowing my main purpose for a dedicated sound card isn't gaming - it's audio work - which would you folks recommend? I'm asking this same question at the Cakewalk forums as well, though I'm sure I'll get recommendations for other PCI-e cards that are out of my budget.
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