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Closest mouse to Razer Imperator

Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:15 am

Here at work, I've gone through a few different mice over the years. The most recent rodent of choice is the Razer Imperator. I absolutely love everything about the mouse. The ergonomics fit my hand perfectly. The scroll wheel is perfect. The braided cord never snags.
There is only 1 simple, but work-halting problem: double-clicks right now have about a 50% change of going through, which leads me to believe the switches are finally giving up the ghost.

In an ideal world, I would just buy another one. However they stopped making them. I tried a $25 Logitech M500 which looked to the the closest dimensionally, but it just doesn't fit my hand right. The lack of a "clicky" scroll wheel is also a dealbreaker. I don't mind spending the $$ on the right mouse, I just can't afford to keep buying the premium one's until I find what fits. Maybe I just need to go by the Best Buy and see what fits. The closest current Razer might be the Naga Trinity (with the 2-button sideplate).

Has anyone else moved from the Imperator to a different mouse? I don't really need anything like high-DPI sensor or more than 5 buttons or RGB, but they don't bother me if that's what it takes to get the ergonomics.

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Re: Closest mouse to Razer Imperator

Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:52 am

Seems there is less availability at a reasonable price on Amazon USA, but Amazon Canada has 5 in stock for CAD $75, which works out to is $56 'murican freedom dollars. ... B0054JGGFK

You could order from there and use a re-ship service that would give you a Canadian shipping address and forward it to you in the states, or alternatively (not volunteering) you might be able to find a Canadian Gerbil to buy it for you and ship it your way.

A quick google for shipping forwarders could be helpful, I spent 5 seconds doing so and hence can't exactly recommend these services, but something along the lines of :

I've never used this kind of service but my friend had a good experience with one (don't know which) to buy things from USA etailers and FWD to Canada.

Good luck!
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