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How to fit full length 16X Nvidia T-600 into a 4X Slot ?

Sun May 29, 2022 2:25 am

I am buying a New Dell workstation 3660 . Dell will install two Nvidia T-600 graphics cards which will run 8 monitors.

I have 12 Monitors ( 1920x1200 Resolution )

Now there is only one 4X slot left where another 16X card will not fit which can run 4 leftover monitors.

Is there a way to run 3rd full length 16X graphics card Nvidia T-600 which will run 4 more monitors ?

This workstation does have latest USB 3.2 Type C ports & two Display Ports.

Can I use a 4X to 16X Riser card & place 3rd graphics card there ? Would the bandwidth be enough from 4X slot ?

Any other ideas ?

Thank You

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