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Logitech K400 HTPC touchpad keyboard or laptop hooked to tv

Sun May 13, 2012 8:24 pm

First off i would like to say the multi touch laptop like 3.5"touchpad works great ,very accurate,scrolls great with 2 fingers.The keyboard is slightly smaller them a standard keyboard by 1-3/4 inches and the touchpad is where the num pad would be.The keys have about a 1/4 ich of travel and feel nice,on top of that it is quiet.Great when you are wearing headphones and your spouse/girlfriend is trying to sleep while you are surfing the net etc. No annoying mouse clicks or key clicks.The only 2 things that click on the whole device is the left touchpad button and the spacebar but they are much quieter then a normal mouse click or keyboard clicking.
Also another plus is that it is very very light at around 1 pound.It uses 2 AA batteries with a advertised 1 year lifespan and it has a on and off switch so when you put your PC to sleep if anyone touches a key by accident it will not wake up your pc.

AS FOR RANGE ITS AMAZING............listed at 33 feet with the tiny usb nano reciever it went way farther then that.I had to leave my house and walk 3/4 the way to my neighbor house to loose connection.It is setup in my second floor bedroom and it works in the basement through 2 floors so obstructions will not be a problem.Example computer in closet or something:)
On my 1080p tv i can get the pointer anywhere on the screen without having to pick my finger off the touchpad,but it stays very accurate.I think its some kinda mouse acceleration ,since when i move my finger slow over the pad it will not reach anywhere and it then becomes very precise.
39.99 was the cost and i as you can see highly recommend it :P
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