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New computer not powering up

Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:32 am

Ok so I I went to power up my new build today, and nothing happened. The motherboard light was on, but the power button does nothing. I shorted the PWRBTN pins on the motherboard using a screw driver to rule out a faulty power button/wire, but still no luck.

So I took out all unnecersary components which left me with CPU, PSU and motherboard. Still no luck.

I tested the PSU in another machine, and it's working fine.

So I need to RMA either my CPU or motherboard. But how can I figure out which is faulty? I don't have any other hardware to test either one out on.

Any tips appreciated! Cheers.
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Re: New computer not powering up

Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:42 am

RMA both? Someone else can figure out which one works, and you're going to be delayed no matter what. At least that would be the simplest solution and get you on your way to your build with minimal effort.
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Re: New computer not powering up

Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:31 am

Ummmm... if your getting nothing spinning up (fans, ect), then don't bother RMAing the CPU. Its going to be your motherboard if its anything (and since you've confirmed the PSU works fine in other systems).

I guess I hate to ask a simple question too... but... Did you make sure that you had all pins (24 pins + 4 or + 8 for CPU) plugged in ALL of the way and seated? If all of that was done right you could power on the system with no ram, no cpu, and nothing else and still get fans/lights to come on. If yours is really 100% dead and no response from any sort of power on... then its the motherboard hands down as the CPU will not effect the rest of the system just receiving power.

Just out of curiosity, what motherboard is it?
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