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Odd behavior WRT bios flash (Asus p8p67)

Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:50 am

Yesterday I got the itch to tinker with my machine which is a Sandybridge 2500K on an Asus p8p67 motherboard. It's been about a year and 7 months since I put her together and I figured it was high time I updated the bios.

So, I verified my board and model with cpu-z and went to Asus' website to grab the latest and greatest. First, I could have sworn they had a utility for this outside of the bios but never mind that. I downloaded the bios, dropped it into the root of C:\ and booted into the bios to flash it. It wouldn't take. After some searching it turns out that the Asus boards suffer from a known error when trying to read the ROM from anything but a fat32 formatted drive. To make a long story short, I finally got it to read t he bios only to give me a "Image integrity failure" or something along those lines.

That's where it gets weird. I was an early adopted in 2011 when sandy came on the scene and as such, my motherboard was based on the intel chipset that was flawed at the hardware level and needed to be sent back. Newegg sent me back the rev 3.1 board according to my order history/RMA on their website. Despite that, the bios for the p8p67 rev3.1 would NOT work, no matter what. The bios would not flash. So, I decided (perhaps against better judgement) to use the p8p67 non-pro, non-rev3.1 bios. Well, it worked.

To verify it, I was able to unlock the cpu ratio and tinker with all those delicious settings. I booted back into windows without issue, and I stress tested it with prime95 and gw2 running concurrently. Rock solid. So what gives? Is it possible newegg really didn't replace my motherboard? Are the bios supposed to be interchangeable? Is it only a matter of time before my rig catches fire? To be clear my order history definitely states I ordered the non-pro, non-rev 3.1 way back when, and that they replaced it with the pro 3.1.
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