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Printer/multifunction device

Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:03 pm

I am buying a multifunction device for the office and what I want are these features: laser, network support, duplex printing, duplex scanning/faxing/copying, scan to usb, print from usb. Monochrome is fine. We will mostly print/scan text and we use windows 7 atm.

I would like a device that's not too hard to setup, reliable and relatively fast.

After the elimination process I am now trying to decide between these 2 devices (price difference here is only 30€, so it's not that much of an issue):
(I think this one is basically the same as in USA)


I am a bit sceptical about HP's touchscreen, printer's web acess and it's apps (but it might be just because I've never tried it before).

I didn't find any good reviews (it seems it's hard to get a good printer review these days) so I would appreaciate any input/recommendation. Don't want to buy a dud. :)

Tnx in advance.
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Re: Printer/multifunction device

Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:06 pm

Scan to USB and print to USB? Is that common? I'm guessing a small office with no real security requirements?

I'm not familiar with the Canon but I hear good things about their print engines. I have experience with a similar HP though in color: ... html?dnr=1

The touch UI is ok, I guess, but this and an inkjet are kind of slow. I do most adminstrating via the web interface on the laser one. I haven't had a chance to try setting up scan-to-email or scan-to-folder stuff but we run expensive MFPs that do that so I haven't had a reason to try. It looked like a bit of a hassle to set up when I took a looksee. The quality is fine, the speed is fine, but I'd still probably recommend the Canon and I've got 0 Canons and like 20 HPs of various types I oversee. I just don't think HP does MFP very well. Printers, just great. MFP? Not so much.
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Re: Printer/multifunction device

Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:23 pm

I love our Okidata MB460's for the price. The drivers are no BS and small, and aren't intrusive by default for each user, like HP's tend to be. They're kind of a pain to configure things like address books on the unit, but they have a very simple and intuitive management application. Print quality has been consistently good, using LED's instead of laser, but it's not quite as sharp as a good laser.

There are a couple things I'm not fond of, though. For one, it doesn't detect low toner all that well, and darkness can get a little uneven as it runs low. But while it has a separate drum, the toner locks into it, so you can shake it without it going everywhere. But that toner/drum combo is a little weird to change because the levers are kind of flimsy, and just weird.

The 400 series has been replaced by the 401 series, so maybe some of those things have been fixed. But overall I love them so far, and we have seven of them so far. And I just haven't seen anyone else offer Scan to email with PDF support in this price range, much less LDAP integration. The 471 and 491 support fax, including a PC fax driver, but you might as well get the 491 at the price you're looking at. It has a 20k higher duty cycle.
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Re: Printer/multifunction device

Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:00 pm

Security is not that much of a problem, because it's just 3 of us and everyone has a stake in business. I've heard good things about Canon's reliability too, heard it's supposed to be easy to set up.
Not so sure about HP one though, in a way this fancy touch screen + ability to run apps seems cool and might really be useful, on other hand it might just be crap. I am just worried I will be able to set up everything right. I like that it also has a single pass duplex scan.

I've decided that just in case I will buy extra warranty (yeah shop one) which would cost me 45€ for warranty extension from 1 to 5 years and it covers all repair during that period which I think is not a bad deal (HP care pack costs like 200€ for 2 extra years of warranty)

I've checked Okidata's and they seem pretty good, but unfortunately I couldn't find any reliable store here (Slovenia) that sells them, same with retail. :(

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