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LCD Dark on right side, flicker on left, GRR VIZIO

Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:03 pm

Hey guys I am new here and what little bit of stuff I learned back in the day has probably been lost to other hobbies or work requirements but I would seriously appreciate any advice, links, resources, etc. anyone can offer.

I have a Vizio GV47L FHDTV20A built December 2007 - I had it about a year plus a day when it buzzed and flickered the first time. I chased the noise and researched the part and replaced the master backlight inverter which fixed it. A while back (I think about a year after I fixed it last time) it started buzzing and blinking - looks like the same side (right side) so I bought another master inverter. It did not work. It is dark on the left side and flickers on the right.. If i cycle the power off/on it will work for a bit, but then goes back to the same old stuff.. I was checking over the power converter board and the slave inverter and found 3 caps that appeared swollen on the top. Two on the slave inverter (680uf, 35V, 105C) I just replaced with some fatter 85C nippons, but still the same. I did not replace the one on the power board because I am lazy and figured I was just wasting my time since I have no way of testing anything (besides the cheap multimeter i use on my dirt bikes)

Anyway - this is really tickin me off - I am near scrapping it like the rest of our human race would suggest, but I know it has to be something stupid. Should I just start tracing the circuits?? Any direction on this? Thanks!!

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