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Need Help With Xonar DSX outputs

Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:10 pm


I recently bought a Xonar DSX and plugged it in my PC today. I always used both rear analog outputs and front panel outputs with my Z68's realtek 892a and my old audigy 2. I use rear analog ports to listen to my music with my 2x70W analog speakers. I generally play MMOs so I crank up music volume and use a headset to communicate with team/squad mates on Teamspeak or ventrilio. both audigy 2ZS and realtek maps 2 different devices for rear analog output and FP output but Xonar has only 1 device.
my case is enermax chakra and i have only 1 FP audio connector. It's not yellow as über chakra and it only says "audio". So I'm not really sure it's HD or AC97 compatible. Enermax thinks it's "AC97/HD compatible". Is it a compatibility issue or am I doing something wrong ?

Most importantly, How can I enable FP as a seperate device so I can keep my comm up while listening to the music on the background ?

edit: there is a "click" noise when I switch between FP&rear output. Is this normal ??
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