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CompTIA Continuing Education program?

Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:17 pm

Just got an email today from CompTIA about this. The deadline for enrolling in it is the end of this year, for people like me who currently hold a "lifetime" CompTIA certificate (I just have the A+).

The idea behind it isn't unreasonable - adding this designation to an A+ ostensibly demonstrates an effort to stay up to date. Somebody may not otherwise assign much value to a certification that was issued a decade ago. I'm just wondering if there's any real value there. There's a cost to it, $25 a year as long as you're in it. Not exorbitant, but what's the point if nobody takes it seriously, right? So would anybody out there take it seriously? For what it's worth, I am currently studying Computer Systems Technology at Seneca College (in Toronto), which sounds like would fulfil the requirements for earning the CE designation (for 3 years, anyway).

What do the gerbils think?

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