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PSA: Server Supply, Inc.

Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:31 pm

Feel free to move this into the appropriate forum if this isn't it.

I have spent a fair amount in the last year or two at Server Supply as they have pretty good prices for HP equipment. However, I probably won't deal with them again. I was looking to buy 9 x 625031-B21 HP 3 TB SAS hard drives. Looking off and on at their site for the last month, I got 4 of the drives around $430 or so for a test deployment (12 drives, 1 spare, 13 total). So today I went to order the remaining 9 I needed. Price was $425 apiece. I emailed them to check that quantity was available. They quoted me $450 and when I checked again, the website said $450! With a new refurb entry at $418. When I asked about this, they offered me a price of $430. I inquired about getting 9 of the refurbs (they said they had 10) and they quoted me $430! I refreshed the page and the $418 price went up! GAH! I guess they were getting their $430 either way.

It's a very shady business practice and it really soured me on them. I was going to drop over $3k with them in one purchase and they pull this? Really? I had been checking off and on over the last month in planning this purchase and their price had, if anything, dropped by $5 or $10 over that time. Then on one day, right after I ask about availability, it magically raises and I'm told that it's due to the "market" and demand. Seriously? A month ago they had 15 of these drives and now they have 17, probably 2 returns. I know this isn't a commonly-used drive for servers. It's large format (3.5") and most servers use small (2.5"), it's SAS and anyone buying drives for home use would use SATA. Plus it's much more expensive than a regular consumer drive.

High demand? Please. They finally found a chance to offload some slow-moving merchandise and thought they'd pull one over on a consumer who wasn't paying attention.

They previously sold me a 1 GB FBWC RAID upgrade that didn't work. The return process, as other reviews I have subsequently found have pointed out, was atrocious. I didn't bother returning since the HP server was covered under warranty and HP themselves sent me a replacement at no cost, but reading the poor reviews reminded me of that return policy. ... iew1738495

They're great until something goes wrong. If you can live with that risk, go fer it. I'm moving my purchases elsewhere.

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