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Issue with HD5850 and ????.. PSU issue?

Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:22 pm

Hello there fellow PC tinkers :)

So I just got myself a second hand 5850, card works like a charm (after getting CCC to work properly, that is).

But now I have this weird issue.
When I hook up my second monitor for simple desktop work, everything is fine.
However, when I actually stress the card (Borderlands 2, for example), my Network adapter and my Firewire controller stop working after a while.

I have got a External soundcard hooked up to my firewire port, so this results in me losing all audio.
When I exit the game, go to device manager, delete the said components from the list and add them again by searching for the drivers, they work properly again.

I am thinking this is a PSU issue, that the card takes too much power, thus resulting in not enough being left for other devices.
Before this card I was running a 9800GTX+, and my new card only consumes 6 watts more.
Although I am running a Coolermaster Real Power 520w, so this should really not be a problem.

I have just clean installed Windows 7, along with a complete format of all my harddrives.
When I get a new component I like to start clean :)

Has anyone else run into a similair problem, or can you just help me brainstorm about what the exact problem might be, all help is appreciated :)

Asus Maximus III formula
Intel i5-750 @ 2.66ghz (stock)
4GB Avexir DDR3-2000 (2 sticks)
Radeon Sapphire HD5850 (stock)
Cooler master Real Power modular 520w

Internal devices:
1TB Hitachi 7300rpm HD
80gb WD 7300rpm HD

connected devices:
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 keyboard
Razer Deathadder 2013
Edirol FA-66 Firewire external soundcard (has it's own power source)

1 HP w2207 widescreen monitor *primary*
1 Samsung 190s monitor *secondary*

thanks in advance :)
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Re: Issue with HD5850 and ????.. PSU issue?

Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:45 pm

Got decent enough case ventilation? I had a weird issue with a MITX board whereby if it got too hot, the NIC conked out. As a quick and dirty test, try leaving the side of the case off while you put the machine under load, see if it still exhibits the same behaviour.
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