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Has ATI caught up to Matrox's 2D Image Quality?

6 (60%)
4 (40%)
Total votes: 10
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ATI versus Matrox .....2D Image Quality - a Poll.

Wed Aug 20, 2003 4:29 pm

OK, I don't think we've done this in a while so lets look at this question again:

Does Matrox (Parhelia, P650, P750) still have the best 2D Image Quality bar none? More importantly has ATI reached the point where it's caught up to Matrox's IQ?

Not part of the poll but as an aside have ATI's Windows driver's matured to the point where they are as solid as Matrox's? I know the answer to that question 1-2 years ago was <b>NO</b>.

I'm considering upgrading my old G550 to either a Matrox P650 or an ATI 9600 Pro. Dell has the ATI right now for 162 bucks. The P650 is STILL 169. BTW, I don't game. I mostly do Photoshop, Web-browsing, email & text suff. 3D isn't really part of my equation here.

I'm gonna cross post this Poll over in the A/V Forum on Ars just for comparison sake.
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Wed Aug 20, 2003 5:09 pm

2d: Not yet, getting much better though. I've seen G-Series, Parhelia, 9700Pro running on the same monitor/machine and Parhelia was definitely the sharpest. I'd say though, that my G400Max was still better than 9700Pro.

Drivers: Not so sure about ATI's, as I don't have as much experience with them. I can still vouch for Matrox having very solid drivers, and the best tech support in the industry.

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