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GeForce 3 Ti200 which one to buy?

Mon Apr 08, 2002 4:50 am

Well i have decided to go with the Ti200 since it has the best power to price ratio, and there is no way in hell i am spending $500 (Aus Dollars) for a graphics card. So which one do i go for?
The Morpheus GeForce3 Ti200 looks like the best one... but it only features a VGA out... which i hear is a bad thing. Why?

What other brands are good? Anyone got any recommendations?
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Mon Apr 08, 2002 5:36 am

I had a similar issue once, if you are game to purchase one overseas (I'm in Australia also) You can purchase one for about $165 US online, about $330 Aussie dollars. Allow $40 for posting and you'll save a good hundred dollars or so. Check out
Hope this helps.

- Owen :D [/b]
[edit] Prices are cheaper than what I thought, $118US for an Abit one.
Also check out the Radeon 8500 $126US
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Mon Apr 08, 2002 5:59 am

Gainward is the best videocard manufacturer. They have excellent 2d quality and 3d performance. I have bought 2 for friends and they couldn't be happier.
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