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Liquid Cooled Vega 0wns GurgleMark!

Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:03 pm

PC Perspective wins the award for imagery on page 1 of this review of the liquid-cooled iteration of Vega Frontier Edition.

As for the rest of it: They can push the Vega FE to 440 watts of consumption but that only puts them in the same neighborhood at a GTX-1080 in gaming benchmarks. Yes, OMG Drivers, they already know that so this isn't the final verdict on Vega in games. However, while drivers can improve game performance, don't expect drivers to massively cut the power consumption of the exact same piece of silicon running at the same clocks that PC Perspective tested. Removing half of the HBM2 could cut some power, but it ain't going to be 100 watts of power.

However, on a non-gaming benchmark this was somewhat concerning:

As for there being no professional tests in this review – I apologize for the time constraints. I tried to run LuxMark on this card in both 300 and 350-watt modes and it soft rebooted the system multiple times in each mode. Not sure what is going on there but I have inquiries in with AMD and will be doing more investigation on our side. Once stable, I would expect the same ~10% improvement in performance moving from the air-cooled Vega to the 350-watt water-cooled version.
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Re: Liquid Cooled Vega 0wns GurgleMark!

Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:09 pm

440W power draw (stock 300/350W) for a between +37 and +112 MHz clockspeed increase in their overclocking tests, too, eww.
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Re: Liquid Cooled Vega 0wns GurgleMark!

Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:19 pm

Voldenuit wrote:
440W power draw (stock 300/350W) for a between +37 and +112 MHz clockspeed increase in their overclocking tests, too, eww.

Yeah, well when you're not smart enough to do anything but slide the power bar to 125% and let the GPU figure out what to do with itself on auto, then that's what you deserve.

I'm more than a little perturbed at PCPer for that oversight....or should I be mad at AMD. Heck, it's the internet, I can be mad at both.
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Re: Liquid Cooled Vega 0wns GurgleMark!

Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:58 pm wrote:
1.600 MHz @ 1.200 mV: Bestcase-Boost, wird unter Last nur kurz/selten verwendet
1.528 MHz @ 1.150 mV: Nächsttiefere Stufe, wird idR nach wenigen Sekunden verwendet
1.440 MHz @ 1.100 mV: Unter Volllast sehr häufig anzutreffende Boost-Stufe
1.348 MHz @ 1.050 mV: Unter Volllast vergleichbar oft anzutreffen wie 1.440 MHz
1.269 MHz @ 1.000 mV: Tiefste von uns protokollierte Boost-Stufe unter Last, nur selten verwendet
1.137 MHz @ 950 mV: Vorletzte Boost-Stufe, im Test niemals verwendet
992 MHz @ 900 mV: Tiefste Boost-Stufe, im Test niemals verwendet

Looks like the stock curve (but I can't read German). That curve is a bit different than Ryzen's (more on that in an upcoming thread), but shares the sharp knee at 1000mV. Apparently others (who are actually trying to optimize efficiency, not just performance) are getting 1600 at 1100mV or lower. 1200mV seems to allow people to get to 1700+ as long as nothing's on fire. That's a lot of margin between the stock curve and the actual silicon characteristics - maybe even more than RTG usually does? What voltage does Polaris 10 default to at 1266 MHz?

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