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Please help laptop LCD monitor goes crazy

Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:52 pm

Hello community,
I apologise for the long post but I want to describe the problem as well as I can.

The problem:
The screen flickers and scrambles almost constantly. These are my observations and what I tried.

- The problem starts before the OS starts to load, right during boot time
- The problem is depending on what picture (or webpage) is the screen displaying (check video Nr.1)
- Sometimes the screen go completely dark or change some colour to another (usually blue to dark green, but not always)
- Everything is absolutely fine on my external monitor, actually if my external monitor is connected the screen on the laptop is more stable (check video Nr. 2). If I pull out the VGA cable the laptop screen goes really crazy (as well as if I start up without the external monitor)
- Also tried to let the VGA in but pull out from the external monitor and the screen also went crazy
- White dotted vertical lines appeared few weeks ago (can be seen to the left from icons), which I didn't pay attention to. Later the flickering started. The white dotted lines are present 95% of time but sometimes they actually completely disappear for few minutes.

Things I've tried:
- I checked the LCD cable which is fine, I pulled it out from LCD and from motherboard, nothing changed
- I tried to push the LCD surroundings but the screen didn't react
- I tried to move the lid but the screen didn't react
- All of the drivers are up to date
- Tried to roll back and reinstall the drivers, but it didn't help

My question is, what could be the problem? The whole LCD? Invertor? Backlight? GPU? Or something else on the motherboard?

Video Nr.1:
Video Nr.2:
Video Nr.3 (bonus):

Please help, any advice would be very helpful
I see the video quality is quite low, I can re-upload them in higher quality if needed
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Re: Please help laptop LCD monitor goes crazy

Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:53 pm

"The LCD cables looks okay" isn't a valid test, damage can occur inside the cable and it's often cumulative the way you describe. Since this occurs right from startup and the external monitor works okay, that's a pretty good guess the cable or the driver circuit on the LCD itself is fried. A GPU/motherboard problem is possible but farther down the list.

The interaction between the external monitor and the LCD is a little odd but it might be an artifact of the extra electrical load being placed on the video driver.

The next thing to try would probably be an LCD replacement.
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Re: Please help laptop LCD monitor goes crazy

Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:19 am

Dismantle videos on youtube may show your exact laptop. It appeared that the external monitor was having problems too in the second video. If it was, reapply compound to the heatsink (sometimes the video chip is included) and clean out the fan exit (caked on dust is common) in case it is overheating.

By all means check the prices on the cable and the screen for your exact laptop. That should help determine if you should buy either or both.
I have changed several laptop lcd screens and they were from $40 to $65 and cables were even cheaper or included. I tried Amazon, but the prices on ebay forced me there. They were about half, check both as YMMV.
The screens are rather easy to change, but the cable usually involves a lot more dismantling. You already have been to the hard part.

I see time has affected the prices. I like to use Amazon because of their superb return policies.
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Re: Please help laptop LCD monitor goes crazy

Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:51 am

I'd replace the cable from LCD to mainboard first.
The cable is usually cheap and is usually the first thing to go bad. Even though moving the lid has no effect I wonder if some of the lines are partly shorted to ground
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Re: Please help laptop LCD monitor goes crazy

Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:29 am

From the video, the fact that it happens on the laptop screen and the monitor, it looks like a hardware issue. It could be overheating, as suggested above, clean it out (you could also download temp monitoring programs like Coretemp and GPUz to check).

Artifacts like that normally point to memory, if you have a dedicated GPU it may be on it's way out, or need to be re-seated. If you have on-cpu video, re-seat the system ram. If you have 2 ram sticks, try one at a time.
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