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And FreeSync comes to the Geforce!!!

Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:07 pm

I had dragged my feet for a long time on a new monitor. I loved the brilliant colors on my classic Dell 2408WFP-HC, its excellent 1920x1200 resolution, the fact that it had DisplayPort before graphics cards even had DisplayPort (it also has every other interface including component video) and it was kind of cool that it had a built-in multi-memory card reader. Plus it was built to last forever. And -I really didn't want to buy a GSync monitor because what if I got an AMD card later?

Flash forward to now; nVidia's new drivers support FreeSync. With that in mind, I finally bit the bullet and went with my new monitor, a Dell S2719DGF. ... B00N2L5CXO

The purist in me recoiled a little at the TN panel. However, I read all the reviews of the IPS panels that got top billing, and Acer, ASUS and others in that arena seem to have really hit-or-miss quality control. Many also have a 1-year warranty if you can get them to honor it, and I have yet to encounter a problem with Dell taking care of me (and they have a 3-year warranty), so I hit the trigger. Also, it's $250 cheaper than the 27" IPS models, though if Dell made an IPS version of this, I'd have forked over more money.
The bad: Yes, the blacks aren't quite as good, and a few images seem to have a bit of a washed out effect, but I believe I can calibrate that and take care of it. Also, I have to work on a bit of gamma correction. Also, the DisplayPort cable isn't included, just HDMI (fortunately I had DP already around; nVidia requires DisplayPort for G-Sync or FreeSync).

The good: This is the nicest color I've ever seen on a TN panel. The brightness is excellent, and images/text are sharp and crisp. T It's not going to be your pro-Photoshop monitor, but as a gaming-monitor, its color is still really good. The tilt/swivel/height adjustments are the great Dell you get used to. The anti-glare is just right without darkening the display, and the lack of bezel just makes it look sharp.
And the refresh rate? Despite not being on nVidia's "Certified G-Sync compatible" FreeSync monitors, it works. And it works well. Images just glide buttery smooth at 1440p on games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, of Fallout 4.
This monitor is totally worth it. I'd highly recommend taking a look, as it's a bargain buy in the large, high-refresh 1440p market.
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Re: And FreeSync comes to the Geforce!!!

Thu Aug 22, 2019 2:49 am

LoneWolf15 wrote:
The bad: Yes, the blacks aren't quite as good, and a few images seem to have a bit of a washed out effect, but I believe I can calibrate that and take care of it. Also, I have to work on a bit of gamma correction. ...

Most TN monitors I've seen have better blacks than most IPS panels I've seen. The washed out look mean you haven't found the sweet spot between brightness, contrast, and panel tilt. Usually the tilt is a balance between the too black at the top with the too washed out at the bottom. This is the website I go to, to make it all look beautimus.
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Re: And FreeSync comes to the Geforce!!!

Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:43 am

The ice in the netherworld may be thick enough for skating at this point. ... ds-support ... e-screens/
Simon Baker wrote:
NVIDIA confirmed for us that future G-sync module screens can be capable of supporting both HDMI-VRR and adaptive-sync for HDMI and DisplayPort.

After more than five years of gouging customers with their expensive proprietary G-Sync, NVidia finally quit blocking VESA standard adaptive sync in their drivers this year and allowed recent generations of NVidia GPUs to work with FreeSync monitors that follow the VESA standard. Now, they're going to allow non-NVidia graphics cards and consoles to use VESA standard adaptive sync (aka "FreeSync" from AMD) with future G-Sync branded monitors.
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Re: And FreeSync comes to the Geforce!!!

Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:34 am

Thank goodness that open standards finally won out. Gamers are no longer held ransom by their monitor if they wanted to get adaptive sync. Monitor vendors don't have to pick sides either.
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