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Can Dell's New Workstation 3660 run Two GPUs ?

Mon Jun 06, 2022 8:13 am

I am looking to buy new Dell workstation 3660 with i-7, 12700 CPU.
I would like to run a minimun of 8 Monitors.
This workstation has only following slots.
One PCIe x16 Gen5
One PCIe x4 Gen4
One PCIe x4 Gen3
When configuring on their website it allows me to install Two Nvidia T1000 GPUs OR Two AMD WX3200 GPUs & each has 4 miniDP ports so two will run 8 monitors.
But i-7 cpu supports only 20 PCIe lanes & each T1000 GPU requires 16 lanes.
So how Dell will put two GPUs & will they drive eight 24" monitors ( 1920x1200 ) ?
There is one open end x4 slot so will they put it there & if yes what about only 20 PCIe lanes for two GPUs ?
Thank You

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