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Mon May 31, 2004 11:45 am

Yo Diamond Star, i also agree we have a big company in nvis who is willing to make the effort to create good hardware and ati who just wants to make some cash, i bet ati have totally electron microscoped the old and new nvid cores by now and are deciding how to make even more cash.

Money is good but if every 1 just did as little as possible to make the cash what kind of sad state would we be in.

I for one will take the long term approach and support the people who push the envelope (as it were). would be a shame for skilled/motivated ppl to be forced to conform to the lesser just to make some money.

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Mon May 31, 2004 11:52 am

Heh, so do you think ATI has a few reverse-engineers working for them along with some memory-erasure specialists? :lol:
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Mon May 31, 2004 12:01 pm

well, i guess nvid are not going to learn anything from ati - with the old technology. reminds me of that film paycheck. the gifted seem to loose out to the greedy in the world today.

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Sun Oct 03, 2004 5:09 am

hmm, nice debet goin on in here, what can i say, nVIDIA, are no more
a good comp for me, a reason for this is that their hardware is not always
up to date, for instance, when the FIRST Radeon 64 DDR model got out, it
supported VERTEX and PIXEL shader of 0.7 and the GeForce 2 GTS had
only support for the VERTEX shader 1.1 and no PIXEL shader support,
what is this crap? you build a board then make it fully compatible with
the corrent GL API (Dx 7 and OGL 1.2) ! it's like buying a new car but with
and half engine :P .

Considering this, i can say one thing. ATI remasters all the aspectes of the
current Graphics API Librerys, and then passes to the next level.

In other words ATI makes it's best to beat up nVIDIA, and they succed in
this. The X800 wich has got out reccentlly beats up the nVIDIAs 6800 GT
edition, and thus running at smaller rate then nVIDIA board (GPU core
speed), also they used the max to get out of dx 9.0 vertex and pixel
shader language, they optimized it to the max, and if you look at this then
you might agree that ATI has done a great thing, if you buy hardware
constantlly and you got the money for it you'll notice that in a year you'll
need to buy a new video card anywayz, even if it supports Vertex and
Pixel shading language 3.0, you'll have to upgrade it as it won't be strong
enogh to run the games that will come to that time.

plus to all this it has need in only one voltage conduct to the VC wich i
think is GREAT! the 6800needs tow power conducts to itself, ppz not only
have to spend a hig pricefor the vid card but they also need to buy a more
powerfull PSU. in this case it really matters, as a GOOD PSU can cost alot,
100 $ for a good one,so, if the v.c. costs around 500 $ and the PSU 100 $,
you do the math (in case u'r dumb or u'r calc isn't working this is the
resault : 600$ ! ! !). This is really expensive... as you could buy a new 5.1
Diggital Speaker system (NOT ANALOG ! ) at that same money.

PS, when i sad comp i ment companie

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