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Mon Jan 21, 2002 7:52 pm

Greetings - Recieved Flight Sim 2002 Pro for Xmas. The newset Flight Sim is great but I need to upgrade hardware to make it really fly!
The first thing I'm looking for is display adapter. I have only PCI slots.
The computer is a Pressario EZ 2600 with a Celeron 675.
The monitor is a 7 year old Acer 11D, Yep - that''l be replaced next.
This is really the only high graphics application I use aside from the internet, I don't really paly any other games.
Thanks for help!
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Mon Jan 21, 2002 7:56 pm

Hmm don't spend too much money on that old beast. I'd recommend either a Radeon 7xxx series or a nVidia GF2MX400 based card.

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