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Sat Mar 02, 2002 6:31 am

Does anyone have a reccommended remote control solution of the available options? I already use my comp as my DVD player / stereo, and plan to make it my main TV very shortly. So the logical next step is to make sure that I can use it like a real TV / stereo / etc is to be able to do everything from my couch accross the room.

There are two primary options that I know of:
- the Radeon 7500 / 8500 all in wonders
- the Soundblaster Live Platinum / Audigy Platinum

I couldn't find any detailed info on what the respective remotes were able to do, let alone find any sort of comparison / review. Has anyone used either remote control? Beyond the obvious functions (TV channels for the radeon, MP3 tracks for the SB cards) how funtional have you found the remotes to be?
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Sat Mar 02, 2002 11:38 am

I have a AIW 8500DV w/remote and i love it.
I use my system to play games, watch & record tv, and watch DVDs on.

For the TV, recording and playing DVDs, the remote works great. It can do everything but turn the system on. The software does not give you enough options on changing button assigments, but i am pretty sure someone will hack it so you can make any button do whatever u want.

I would buy this instead of the SB crap, because u get so much more for your money.
Plus, this remote is RF, where the SB stuff in Infrared & line of site.

I cant believe how much poop ( I put cr4p and the software changes it to poop LOL) this card can do for the money, and i thought my AIW radeon was cool. This one kicks so much as. My 4th AIW, and i have yet to be disapointed.

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Sun Mar 03, 2002 1:19 am

If you want to save some money just pick up a seperate tv-card like a hauppauge and this remote.

Im about to pick this up for my pc i have for playing dvds/mp3s to my tv.

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