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Tue Mar 12, 2002 5:52 pm

Hey everyone. I have a 21 inch nokia monitor. Model is 445Xi.

At certain resolutions/refresh rates, the left side of the screen bounces up and down. IT does it the worst at higher resolutions where i cant set the refresh rate to 85Hz.

I found a resolution/refresh that it doesnt do it at all on. taht is at 1152x864 @ 85Hz. But, obviously, a 21 in. monitor at 1152x864 resolution looks kinda funky. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing it? Could it be the video card, or is the monitor taking a crap do you think?

I dont think its the monitor. Because It would seem more logical for it to start messing up on the HIGHER resolutions first. Any ideas are more than welcome.....


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