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6950Ati, menu or page may go black, one or other.

Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:02 pm

Ati 6950 2gig new install with 11-8 drivers.
(Xp, sp2, DX-june 2010, Gigabyte X48 DQ6, 4gig ram,)

After upgrading my video from Ati4870 with 9-10 drivers to 6950/11-8 drivers
(also upgraded to firefox6 so not sure where the problem came from)
my menus or browser screen may go black.

Say I right click on the firefox (5 then 6) page and a menu pops up...

Well, the screen underneath may go black or the menu may go black and
stay there till I move the page up or down. The bookmark listing on the left
may also go black and then unblack as I move the mouse over it.

Does not alway happen and can live with it but find that I am REALLY looking
forward to the next driver release!
(It has not been doing it today so can not say if it happens ONLY in firefox 5,6 or not)

Thoughts welcome!

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