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Sapphire 6950 TOXIC Awesome 6970 preloaded

Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:46 am

Just figured i would let you all know the sapphire 6950 ToXic is back in stock at newegg for 289$.But remember its factory overclckd to 6970 speeds...and can go higher,plus add it come from sapphire wth the bios switch preloaded with the 6970 bios to unlock all the shaders to 1536 from 1408,no need to flash it Sapphire did it for you.
Its basically a 6970 for the price of a premium 6950,Its made with very good components/power circuitry.As most of you should know sapphire has been a longtime partner of ATI/AMD.
The only con on the card is the stock type cooling system that can get pretty dang loud but its a bit quieter then AMD solution,and you get the added plus of it exhausting all the heat out of your case.
I am very surprised Techreport did not do a review on this card considering how good it is,But i dont see alot of sapphire anything on techreport,wonder why?? ... 6814102951
read the customer reviews for yourselves.
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Re: Sapphire 6950 TOXIC Awesome 6970 preloaded

Tue Oct 25, 2011 6:49 am

I waited a month for this card to show in stock, and in fact I bought the last one that Newegg had in stock in mid-September. That card turned out to be DOA, so I waited, and waited ... and waited .. and finally gave up. It would have been my first ATI/AMD card in my main rig, so I was looking forward to what AMD had to offer. Sad to say I finally gave up and ordered a GTX580 2 weeks ago. :(

I spent a lot more on that than I had budgeted for a 6950 card, but having an entire build sitting there waiting for this Toxic card to come back in stock just took away any patience I had left at that point. Here's hoping the gamers that get this card find it runs as well as I think it will. Helluva card if you can get it in stock.
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