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Mon Mar 18, 2002 7:06 pm

Found this over at Xbit. 128mb mem and 275/550mhz frequencies. :smile:

"ATI didn’t forget its ALL-IN-WONDER series when switching its RADEON 8500 chip based videocard line to a 128 Mbyte video-memory use. The company has announced the start of production of the new ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV, which has 128 Mbyte DDR SDRAM.

Together with a doubled video-memory size, the new version of the ATI multimedia combine will have an increased frequency. While a regular 64 MB ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV has a 230-MHz core and a memory, working at 380 MHz frequency, the new ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV version with 128 MB will have a 275 MHz core and a 550 MHz memory.

That means, that finally, ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV frequencies will reach those of a regular RADEON 8500. The price of the new combine hasn’t been announced yet."

Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

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