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Diablo 3 in Tri def 3d

Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:07 am

Well anyone with a AMD video card that supports 3d playback on a 3d tv or a 3d monitor has to try TriDef's 3d software with diablo 3. I am using it with a panasonic vt30 55" 3d plasma and a HIS hd7750 iCooler video card. HDMI spec limit frame rates in 720p to 60fps and 1080p to 24fps. I tried briefly to get it working in 1080p but failed on my first attemp, so i just tried it in 720p with aa and af maxed out. I got it working on the first attempt in 720 with diablo 3, and yes they do have a specific profile for Diablo 3.

The 3d effect is truly amazing in every situation, at the hidden camp in the second act when you head to the merchant on the elevated wooden walkway at the hidden camp gives you an amazing view of the valley/town and is truly breathtaking the depth is perfect and sorta looks like you are looking into the grand canyon. The characters look like you can pick them up :) the bazaar looks amazing along with the oasis. The trees and rooftops of houses loom in front of your face. In the dungeon where you have to pull the levers to open the secret passage way behind the falls is amazing also the hanging vines and other elevated stuff looks like you are pushing through and around them. TriDef did a great job with the profile for the game and the best thing is you get to try it for free for 30 days.
When you pull up any menu like inventory it stands out and the characters and plying field look fantastic with the depth.

I highly rec anyone with a 3dtv or monitor to give it a try you will not be disapointed,it also works with many other games, but i have yet to try them.
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