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Strange Micro-stuttering Issue

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:15 pm

<shamelessly cross-posted from another forum, but this issue will likely need to be seen by many eyes to get some good feedback on, my apologies in advance>


I have had a strange micro-stutter issue for as long as I can recall that flies in the face of traditional assumptions.

Unless I am playing a game with VSync *enabled*, I get severe micro-stuttering, *even* if the framerate is locked at a relatively high number, such as 70 (using Precision).

-I have been gaming for 20 years and know what micro-stutter is, and this is almost assuredly it.
-I have 2x GTX 580's and a 2500K at 5 Ghz
-It happens in all games I have tested, regardless of age
-I run Kaspersky AV and run a clean system, malware is not a likely candidate
-I monitor my temps at all times, so no need to even ask
-This problem has persisted for over a year, across multiple OS installs / driver upgrades
-The problem gets more pronounced as the framerate is lowered, but even playing at locked 70FPS is very jerky.
-The problem is completely resolved by enabling VSync, 100% of the time.

Why is this a problem? Well, because some games are locked @ 30FPS, and they become utterly unplayable due to this issue. Subjectively, it feels like playing at 10 FPS when I am actually running at 30.

Thoughts? I have found one other post on the web from a guy with SLI 580's and it sounded like he had the exact same problem as me, but it had no noted resolution.
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Re: Strange Micro-stuttering Issue

Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:44 pm

Welcome to TR.

Microstuttering is just a fact of dual-card setups. There is no solution.

Once you turn off Vsync it all goes to hell because in a dual-GPU solution the frames aren't rendered evenly; One card has the extra burden (and therefore delay) of transferring the frame data to the card that the display is plugged into.

This uneven frame rendering time is masked by vsync, because the monitor decides how fast the frames come, and not the uneven tag-team of uneven graphics cards.

You NEED to read this article in depth:

Hopefully that will make it all clear for you.
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