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Can I run 12 Monitors from one Laptop using this box ?

Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:31 am


I am running 12 Dell U2412M ( 24 inch, 1920x1200 ) monitors using 3, AMD FirePro 2460 Low profile Video Cards. Each card has 4 Mini DP ports & runs 4 monitors each. I am using Dell workstation & it has 4 PCIe slots.

I am not running any games or very intensive programs. Just the stock market charts, 12 of them, each one is a different stock.

Now I am inspired by this video on you tube where this guy is running 8 monitors from a Laptop using only USB 3.0 seven port Hub.

So Now I want to run those 12 monitors from Dell M6800 Laptop workstation but in a little different way by using external PCIe slots.

The problem is to get 3 PCIe slots & solution I found is to use an external “ Nestor NA211A-NB “ PCIe expansion box that can be connected to Laptop using Express Card.

Each slot runs at 1X bandwidth.

This Nestor box costs around $ 780.00.

So before I start on this venture, could someone tell me if this is possible or am I going to run into bottleneck ?

Thank You.
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Re: Can I run 12 Monitors from one Laptop using this box ?

Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:25 am

Please don't start duplicate threads.

I'm locking this; please continue the discussion in the original thread here.
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