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Confirmation that TSMC 20nm for GPUs is delayed

Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:37 am

Yes, those slides from Nvidia were indicative of a delay, after all. I have a rumour and an official word for you.

Source is Tom's Hardware, can't link becuase the forum rules don't allow me to post a URL for some reason. Check in their news section for today.

The Swedish website has posted a report that could disappoint, namely that the 20 nm Maxwell-based graphics cards have been delayed.
The report states that TSMC is not yet ready for full-scale 20 nm GPU production. According to the report, the delay is set to last until the beginning of 2015, though it doesn't rule out that we might be seeing the first 20 nm graphics cards before the end of the year.

AMD's Senior Vice President Lisa Su indicated that AMD is working on designing 20 nm GPUs, but they won't be arriving this year.
"So what we've said in the past is certainly this year all of our products are in 28-nanometer across both, you know, graphics client and our semi-custom business. We are, you know, actively in the design phase for 20-nanometer and that will come to production. And then clearly we'll go to FinFET. So that would be the progression of it."

What this means for TSMC's 20nm in general in unclear though, i suppose. Is their CPU oriented process on time for the year end? Will Apple be the only one with access to it for the next iPhone? I have no clue.

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