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NVIDIA's '14-15 GPU Launch Plans?

Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:22 pm

After recent articles about upcoming NVIDIA GPUs as well as TSMC's problems with 20nm tech, what do you guys think the next 12-18 months will look like?

Reports would indicate the following:

Oct/Nov for 880 GTX (28nm)
Titan II early 2015 28nm? Link
20nm 980 in 2H'15?

Anther thing... If the Titan II really is ~600mm2 then it's probably 28nm, but what will NVIDIA do once 20nm gets up to speed?

Taking a page from history, the 480 -> 580 was not only a eagerly awaited die-shrink, but the 580 generation launched a mere eight months after the 480's. So along that line if a die-shrunk 880 becomes the 980 GTX, then I guess the die-shrunk Titan II would turn into a 980 Ti? Basically what happened with the 480 / 580 and the Titan / 780 Ti all over again... seems logical enough if the Titan II really will be launched at 28nm as the purported 600mm2 size seems to indicate. But would NVIDIA be so quick to shrink its chips within another 8-month window, given it will be sitting on the 20nm node for some time?
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Re: NVIDIA's '14-15 GPU Launch Plans?

Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:26 pm

Using logic to determine NVidia product stratification and branding options leads one to believe that logic does not exist.
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Re: NVIDIA's '14-15 GPU Launch Plans?

Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:46 pm

NVidia's evil marketing geniuses™ have Machiavellian schemes that surpass any mere mortal logic.

I'd wager that they will have at least three more rebranded products to give old hardware new names in the next twelve months. I'd further wager that at least one of those will be offered evilly as two different products that deceptively share the same model name and number.
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Re: NVIDIA's '14-15 GPU Launch Plans?

Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:54 pm

My guess is we'll see something like this:

fall: 800 series launches with mid-range and high-end cards, all Maxwell-based and 28nm. To continue with the naming conventions in use right now, this would be 860/870/880.

winter: mainstream and budget stuff launches. GM107 in 750/750Ti gets repurposed for 850 and 840, but they also take some Kepler parts and sell them as 840s with no differentiation between the parts.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, Kepler winds up rebadged in 830/820 parts. Fermi continues to pop up in the 810.

Then, springtime, we'll get a mid-cycle launch of two things: first, an 850Ti (cut down 860) / 860Ti (cut down 870), to compete with whatever AMD is tossing around in those price ranges, and we'll see the first 20nm Maxwell parts come in second revisions of the 840/830. They'll use something small to test the new process before moving the whole line to 20nm in early 2016's 900 series, which won't have any Fermi in it. Finally.

Just a guess, but I'm basing it on how they've done things for the last few launches.
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