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Sun Mar 31, 2002 1:52 pm

The next gen of radeons to be revealed at comdex:
0.15 micron technology
350 Mhz core speed
future 0.13 micron manufacturing process for 400 Mhz core speed
8 rendering pipelines textures processed per pipeline
800 Mhz DDR memory speed
12,6 GB/s bandwidth
2 TruForm processing units
HydraVision support
DirectX 9 support (PixelShader 2.0, displacement mapping...)
HyperZ 3
256 MB of memory
Pixel fillrate 2.8 mil
Texel fillrate 8.4 mil
Support for 256 Bit memory

Source: ... s/4504.htm

DAMN! That looks sexy.
I hope it isn't just hype though

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