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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:01 am

Totally valid question... however :) I feel that even if it is utterly harmless and even useful (I will concede that most people will have no issues with this software) there is a principle at stake. If the customer decides to get shot of it, it shouldn't be at the discretion of Rapport. They have no legal or moral right. I'm as niggled about their supercilious attitude as much as anything.
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:37 pm

Heh. This thread is now the 5th ranked Google result for this product, right below Wikipedia! :o

Also interesting that the thread got necroed by someone from the company that created it.

Reading the description here, it sounds like this thing is essentially a "white hat" rootkit. I'm not surprised it can be difficult to remove, since it is designed to thwart removal attempts by the very malware it is supposed to guard against.

I hope that if my bank ever starts requiring customers to use it, that they'll grant exceptions for Linux users. It would be kind of annoying to have to fire up a VM just to do online banking...
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:59 am

Hi Head4Heights,

You can download the safe uninstall utility from here You will need to provide an email (sorry) as the uninstall utility exe file will arrive there, you won't have to wait for a representative to send you anything and a ticket won't be opened.

Sorry this got you upset, we try to do our best to make the support site and the UI or Rapport as smooth as possible so your post is valuable for us :)

Anyway, if you need further assistance, let me know. The safe uninstall utility should remove the software for good with no waiting in the process.

Regarding the bypass demonstrated in 2011's 44CON- we changed many things in Rapport since then. Here is one report about it and another

Alex Man,
Trusteer Technical Support
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:35 pm

Ushio01 wrote: "I have it on my computer and it does appear in Add/Remove Programs. The only thing it seems to do is stop me leaving the bank website if I have a password in copy and paste."

I have Windows 8 Pro, 32-bit. It shows up under "Rapport" in the add/remove programs list. I've not had any reservations about Rapport, and I have found their tech support people to be very helpful, such as when it had a conflict with the BitDefender Internet Security 2013 when the latter was first released in June, 2012.
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:55 pm

My bank has been offering this for online banking for a while now. Now when you log in, you get directed to a screen that asks if you want to download the software. So far, I've just ignored it as they haven't made it mandatory. But I've been a bit curious.

You just gotta love the obligatory posterior-covering fine print. Makes me want to dive right in:

[Name of Bank] is not responsible for, nor guarantees, this software, other products or services of Trusteer, or the Trusteer website...
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:25 pm

You can imagine how disappointed I was to see:

"Rapport is not compatible with your operating system or browser."

Us poor lunix maniacs, unprotected as always. ;)
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:26 pm

My partner's PC was showing a lot of LAN activity after switch on; I was looking out for something like that after getting a large internet usage bill this month.
A quick look at Kaspersky internet monitor showed that Rapport was pretty much continuously sending about 40kB/s (to somewhere). I have a low usage internet account, so 1GB per day (roughly what you can expect from 40kB/s if the PC is on for 8 or 9 hours) is expensive.
Rapport was listed on the Add/Remove programs list, and it did uninstall, but the PC (running XP - it's a 10 year old Dell) blue-screened immediately afterwards.
Two things are notable:
1. That Rapport has cost me thirty quid this month.
2. That my partner is unaware of ever having installed it, and she's internet savvy enough not to donwload stuff that she's not sure about.
I've chosen not to download Rapport in the past when my bank has advised that I should. It seems that was a good call.
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:32 pm

Had to horn in here because my bank recently started an in-your-face ad campaign asking its online banking customers to install this software--it's not a requirement, just a nuisance ad. To stop the nuisance I installed the software. Ever since, I've been having weird, hard-to-pin-down problems with Firefox21,22, & now 23 of a type and variety I have never seen before when using the browser. So I have decided to uninstall this application to see if this makes a difference--one thing that's been happening is that Firefox's url history has become all confused--such that I have to turn the history off in order to access some common sites, as otherwise, with history turned on, partial url strings from other urls are appended to the url I want to reach and I can't get anything except a 404-page not found! Until I turn history off--then the alien string is no longer appended and I can go to the url I enter into the address bar. But as you might imagine--this is not a desirable state of affairs unless you like typing in user names and passwords for common sites each time you visit them--I'm lazy and don't like doing that. Anyway--that's not all that was flaky having to do with firefox history in the last three versions (when I began using Rapport)...

I had no trouble uninstalling from Win8x64 from Add/remove, and had also noticed beforehand that I could open up task manager and end all Rapport processes with no difficulty. So I'm going to take a vacation from Rapport and see what happens--incidentally, resetting Ff did not solve the aforementioned problems, either.

Interestingly enough--Ff23 crashed at the tail-end of the Rapport uninstall--so I know the program was doing *something* relative to the browser code otherwise it should have uninstalled without affecting the browser's operational status.

Anyway--banks don't need to worry about their online customers, imo--it's the inside thieves and professional hackers that should worry them. We shall see what happens now...

Edit:OK...fingers crossed...but after I uninstalled Rapport and *rebooted*, the problems I was having with FF23 url histories seemed to have *ceased.* As in vanished. With history turned on I can now access any bookmark or manually inserted url with *no* added strings attached which would otherwise give me a 404-Page not found. I hope this is not a temporary aberration--if it should be I'll certainly get back here and report it because I don't want to cast dispersion if none is deserved. To give you another example of how weird this problem was, it got so that when I'd move the cursor over a bookmarked link (I keep them all to the left side in a vertical list), the information box attached to the cursor would not give me the info on the link the cursor was highlighting, but it provided information on a bookmark several links *above* the one I was covering with the cursor! the info box that pops up on the bottom left of the page, the correct url was given as the link that I was pointing to with my cursor! Egads, what weirdness! But that's all stopped now that Rapport has been successfully and fully uninstalled (no processes are running in ram, either.)

You might might call me irresponsible, but I have a problem with the kind of root-kittish software that parks itself between my browser and my selected urls in order to do...something...obviously other than simply monitoring--it's like Rapport is trying to "vet" the urls before it allows the browser to connect (in a way far different from smart-screen or whatever they call it, which works off a url list of "acceptable" sites somewhere.) In this process problems accrue.

That's it for now...I'll check back if anything changes with regard to Rapport. Oh...almost out for a FF extension (not plugin) calling itself "Selection Links" or something similar. I googled/binged that and found it was indeed a nice little bit of malware itself. I have no recollection of ever installing this FF extension (I have no extensions installed), and neither MalwareBytes or Win8 Defender AKA MSE detected it--I'm guessing because it disguises itself as a legitimate extension under FF an an add-on under IE. Get this: it not only installed as a FF 23 extension, but it *also* created an entry in add/remove programs! Solution is to uninstall the extension from the Firefox interface and then uninstall--whatever it is (it's called "selection Links" in A/R)--from add/remove programs. Weird week all around.

This is the most trouble I've had with this kind of thing in *years* and years.
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:08 pm

Well not sure if this is a good or bad thing but Trusteer got bought by IBM...,1-1195.html
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:08 am

Just got a notice from PNC "encouraging" their business customers to "protect themselves from online fraud" with a new free tool. :roll:
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Re: Trusteer Rapport

Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:43 pm

Well our accounting department was just required to have it for online business transactions.

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