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When was the last time you purchased PC Software for your personal use?

Less than a year
36 (49%)
1 - 2 years ago
16 (22%)
2 - 5 years ago
7 (10%)
>5 years ago
4 (5%)
One of the above options, but I've only purchased games
10 (14%)
Total votes: 73
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Re: Last Time You Purchased PC Software

Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:52 pm

Probably a week ago - a 3 license of Kaspersky Pure 2012 for $7. :)

That's about the only software I buy on a yearly basis, other than Steam sales that just kill me, but $7.50 for Borderlands GOTY is hardly a HUGE expense.
Otherwise, I usually get games as Xmas gifts, so I'm proud to say I have never pirated any game software. Pay 'em, they deserve it.
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